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2023, Vol. 5, Issue 5, Part A

The concept of time in Inaam Kachachi’s novel Al-Nabeeza, (The Outcast)

Author(s): Falih Mahdi Jabur Al-Zamili

Abstract: Inaam Kachachi, an Iraqi journalist and author, was born in Baghdad in 1952. She studied journalism at the University of Baghdad. Her texts are based on the historical transformations of the Iraq society after the US-led invasions on Iraq in 1991 and 2003. Iraq has been suffering both politically and economically and became an oppressed society.
Kachachi’s Novel, Al-Nabeeza, fourth novel. Three of Kachachi’s four novels - this one included - were shortlisted for the Arabic Booker. Despite having lived and worked in France for decades, Kachachi has made her native Iraq her subject matter, her passion and her cause.
Her fourth work after Sawaqi-al-Quloob, the American Granddaughter, and Tashari. Through the previously published novels, she presented a model of reality of the suffering of the Iraqi people who have painful memories connected to historical events that took place from the 1940s up to the US invasion in 2003. After the American occupation they were faced with problems such as, the Sunni-Shiite schism, ISIS atrocities, and difficulties caused by diaspora and the exile.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2023.v5.i5a.987

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Falih Mahdi Jabur Al-Zamili. The concept of time in Inaam Kachachi’s novel Al-Nabeeza, (The Outcast). Int J Adv Acad Stud 2023;5(5):41-45. DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2023.v5.i5a.987
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