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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 3, Part A

An economic analysis of destination management at the local level with special reference to COVID-19 period

Author(s): Anil Kumar and Sunil kumar

Abstract: Tourism is as an economic term that contributes significantly to the GDP of many countries. The travel and tourism industry of India had a share in GDP of 6.9% in 2019, but it fell to 4.7 percent in 2020 during the Covid19 period. Every country has a twin dilemma in terms of tourist sector management: the first is at the local level, and the second is at the international level. This article highlights the function of lower-level management agencies in how they may manage local tourist industry through destination management. Tourism is primarily the notion of human beings crossing some form of boundary. It is critical to manage the tourist industry in order to boost its growth and contribution to the national economy. Destination management is a critical component of the tourist industry's economic and long-term sustainability. The destination management is investigated in this study. This research examines the strategies of destination management in the face of the Covid 19 epidemic. To integrate the potential management approaches, this research utilized an exploratory technique. Covid 19 is a tourism roadblock. It's critical to figure out how to live with covid 19 in order to tackle this issue. Are these destination management groups assisting local tourist destination management? Tourism management organizations are critical for destination management. In the accounting year 2019, tourism industry accounted for 13% of overall employment, which afterwards dropped to 7.3 percent in 2020. This paper also looked at the quality of life and destination management, as well as how destination management influences quality of life.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2022.v4.i3a.819

Pages: 40-47 | Views: 371 | Downloads: 135

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Anil Kumar, Sunil kumar. An economic analysis of destination management at the local level with special reference to COVID-19 period. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2022;4(3):40-47. DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2022.v4.i3a.819
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