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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part D

To study the efficacy of Apunaravartan Chikitsa in Ekakushtha: A case study

Author(s): Dr. Shubhangi R Katkar and Dr. Abhishek Shipte

Abstract: Ayurveda is an ancient science which deals with maintaining of an individual and preventing the occurrence of disease. Acharya Charaka has beautifully elaborated the details of diseases like its causative factor, prodromal symptoms, Symptoms, its complications and at last, its line of treatment. Kushtha, which contains skin disease, is mentioned in Charak Samhita and he has maintained total 18 types of Kushtha. Ekakushtha is one of them. It shows symptoms like Matsyahakalopama, kandu, rukshata, daha affecting in any part of body like hands, legs, lower back. Here I have presented a case study of female patient of 39 years having symptoms of Ekakushtha. She has given a treatment according to Acharya Charaka. First Siravedha, then Jaloukacharana, then Kadunimba Pottali sweda, then Shamana Chikitsa containing Arogyavardhini vati, Arogyakapila vati, Krumikuthar rasa, Haridrakhandapaka and Panchatikta ghrita. It is called as Apunaravartan Chikitsa for Ekakushtha in Charaka Samhiat. It has been found very effective for Ekakushtha.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2022.v4.i1d.720

Pages: 237-239 | Views: 496 | Downloads: 162

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Dr. Shubhangi R Katkar, Dr. Abhishek Shipte. To study the efficacy of Apunaravartan Chikitsa in Ekakushtha: A case study. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2022;4(1):237-239. DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2022.v4.i1d.720
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