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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 3, Part C

The concept of morality and politic (Thomas Hobbs)

Author(s): Hakma Masoud Mohamed

Abstract: The research dealt with the concept of ethics and politics according to (Thomas Hobbes). The ethics according to Thomas is individual, then human, then politics, meaning that the state does not spread virtue among people, nor does it spread behavior, but rather it is the care of their interests and their natural rights, an idea of the state of nature, which means that man was He lives in a situation of constant anxiety, fear and perhaps panic over the absence of laws and legal standards, and in this situation there is no right and wrong and the meaning of justice and injustice because there is no public authority and there is no law and there are legal relations in the natural state stemming from the individual himself and subject to his decisions. Judicial rulings.
In the Natural state, it means the freedom of the individual to do What he wants and in taking what he deems appropriate for a person from the provisions and laws that constitute the nature itself, and Hobbes says ((natural has given each individual the right to everything)) just as the idea of the contract is not binding Between individuals and for the purpose of establishing the state and to preserve people’s rights and interests to spread the various virtues and compel them to behave for the good and towards the opportunity for them to exercise their natural rights.
Hence, the laws of nature require that man be compelled to preserve him without harming anyone to make him prey, and from here trust and safety must be essential, otherwise the person and his possessions will be exposed to war and the destruction of nature.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2021.v3.i3c.597

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