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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part B

Sociology of literature

Author(s): Rowaida Ahmadi

Abstract: The subject of this article is the sociology of literature. In general, it is the representation of society in literary texts and the relationship between literature and other social structures, and theorizes that literature is part of the social system of its time, a structure that cannot be properly analyzed and worked out without the knowledge of certain institutions and groups. The sociology of literature was unveiled in the 19th century, but dates back to ancient times. Plato and Aristotle also explored the theory and outlook of art and literature. They consider the sociology of literature to be a valuable resource for sociology, because they believe that it is possible to obtain aspects of social, environmental, economic and political life through the study of literature, so that no sociologist can use literature as a valuable source of knowledge. Because sociologists are trying to determine human society in terms of the structure of human collective behavior.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2021.v3.i1b.480

Pages: 129-133 | Views: 6746 | Downloads: 6200

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Rowaida Ahmadi. Sociology of literature. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2021;3(1):129-133. DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2021.v3.i1b.480
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