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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part G

Migration and socio-cultural pluralism

Author(s): Dr. Sayed Nooroddin Alavi and Faisal Amin

Abstract: Concerning the phenomenon of migration, due to the extensiveness, diversity, and complexity of this phenomenon, we are still exposed to many ambiguities. Regarding the fact that large waves of international migrations have emerged in our country in recent decades, and also since this phenomenon, at the global level, has attracted the attention of thinkers, policy-makers, civil activists, state-nations, and great international unions, it has given rise to a serious idea in minds concerned with the necessity of international migration management (global migration management). The present paper, besides giving a definition of migration and its management, addresses the relationship of this phenomenon with pluralism. In this regard, initially, the problem and the necessity of discussing this issue will be presented. Then, the most important theories pertaining to identification and pluralism in relation to migration will be described and criticized. Subsequently, Anthony Giddens's triple models, human capital theory, and theory of discrimination will be discussed. This paper also discusses the performance of three top European immigrant states (France, Germany, and England) and identity EU-orientation and then, relying on a philosophical and value basis, criticizes the concepts of citizenship, citizenship rights and obligations, democracy and pluralism, and existing streams of homogenization in immigrant countries. In the "Conclusion" section, this paper confirms the necessity of respecting the values of citizenship and dynamic and evolutionary pluralism and the author of the present paper believes it to be essential for the participation of all the human groups in their common destiny.

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Dr. Sayed Nooroddin Alavi, Faisal Amin. Migration and socio-cultural pluralism. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2020;2(4):427-435.
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