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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part B

Geographical-niche of women empowerment in north Bihar

Author(s): Dr. Baby Pushpa

The North Bihar Plain Region since long has the very high level of poverty; the state also performs poorly in terms of most of the other social and human development indicators. The socio economic contrast thus has become sharp.
During last three decades the North Bihar Plain Region has observed significant social, economic and political transformation during the last three decades or so. While progress has been uneven, there has been some social and political empowerment of the poor, women, more so among those belonging to privileged castes and considerable decline in poverty as well, although still more than half of the population continues to be poor. To empower women financially, ensuring their equal access and control over economic resources, and guaranteeing that they can use them to increase increased control over other areas of their lives, is imperative. Realizing the economic empowerment of women requires concerted efforts to prioritize and recognize the needs and priorities of women. It is also important to target structural determinants, and recognize that no intervention can address all the main building blocks of women's economic empowerment, such as education, skill development and training, access to quality, decent paid work, Redress of unpaid work and care burden, access to property, property and financial services, collective action and leadership, adequate social security, agency and equitable norms. Furthermore, contextually relevant strategies - are necessary to ensure equal outcomes for poor and marginalized women. The Government of Bihar plays an important role in achieving the economic empowerment of women, thereby achieving their major development goals.

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Dr. Baby Pushpa. Geographical-niche of women empowerment in north Bihar. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2020;2(4):57-62. DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2020.v2.i4b.328
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