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International Journal of Advanced Academic Studies

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Study of two concepts of the world, including moral virtues and moral vices in Masnavi Manavi

Author(s): Sayed Yahya Hazin

Abstract: The development of new knowledge and the establishment of scientific and cultural relations between human societies through new technology, even in the poorest and most remote countries, have allowed humanity to achieve far greater and more advanced possibilities than in the past. Regardless of who has benefited or suffered from it, the impact of this phenomenon on human life around the world is so widespread that research on its implications is essential. Language and literature are among the most critical topics in the discussion of global development, or globalization, especially since every pure literary and artistic work is inherently capable of becoming universal and finding a global audience. Persian language and literature are no exception to this rule, especially because of its proud and ancient history and intellectual and literary representatives. The works of Persian literature contain many components of the world's masterpieces. "Masnavi Manavi" is an example of the result of Mawlana's genius and intuitive knowledge, and due to its pure experiences and excellent human teachings, it is the most pleasant and attractive text in the human mind. This research seeks to study and recognize the two dimensions of the various dimensions of Mawlana's thought and its relation to different cultural, political, and social realms. The present study seeks to answer the key questions concerning the main features of the thought of the eminent human beings of Maulana Balkhi and how they can be given a human and global dimension by taking advantage of the existing intellectual structures and technical capacities. The method used in this research is a library with a descriptive-research approach and is one of the most authoritative scientific sources in the field of library, books, internet, and digital libraries.

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Sayed Yahya Hazin. Study of two concepts of the world, including moral virtues and moral vices in Masnavi Manavi. Int J Adv Acad Stud 2020;2(2):86-90.
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