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2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Contribution of women in Indian economy

Author(s): Namita Sharma

Abstract: Women play a major role in the economy of a nation, including housewives. Women are ultimately the largest consumers in the market, especially so in the Indian market where culture is upheld by women. Yet women are the most overlooked consumer of the market, and the corporate which target female-consumers lack the female workforce within their company. As women are the largest consumers in the market, any product targeted towards them will surely become a success. India has the widely acclaimed Shahnaz Hussain, who produces beauty essentials directed towards women who are again the largest consumers of self-care products. Adverts for Nirma, Vim, even Bournvita are directed towards women from the perspective of motherhood and being a good dutiful wife and caregiver. India achieved a savings rate of 33 per cent of the GDP, of which 70 per cent comes from household saving and 20 per cent from the private corporate sector and 10 per cent from public sector. The staggering 70% of household saving is the fuel of the economy, with a tendency to have extra cash stacked away hidden from the family but no spending at all, the Indian culture seems to drive the Indian economy positively. International Women’s day on March 2017 saw large scale strikes by women, the theme this year was ‘A Day without a Woman’. If women in India were to take a day off then the economy would face a serious setback, teachers in schools are mostly women and children would face a difficult time learning, household chores would not be done which would bring down the productivity and ease with which this patriarchal regime thrives upon, even though the private sector sees only a small percentage of women in the workforce that is still enough to create a loss. It is estimated that over 90 per cent of women workers are involved in the informal sector and not included in official statistics (The World Bank, 1991) Women empowerment is much more than realizing the work a woman does is equivalent to the work of a man, It’s the realization of the balance of nature, that we are all equal and no work is big or small. The objective of this study is to understand current status of the women in Indian economy and find solution to promote their participation in our economy.

DOI: 10.33545/27068919.2020.v2.i1a.47

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